Rakeback for Friends


Oct 31, 2015 00:00 AM
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Hey guys and poker friends.

I guess you like poker as much as I do. You like to play tournaments and compete with other poker player to reach the final table and maybe win the whole tournament. Maybe you win some small tournaments but had never the change to win a bigger one.

Why? Most times because of your bankroll. You can't play a $30 tournament when your bankroll is just $200. Well, you can but this would be just bad bankroll management and you will go broke faster than a hyper turbo heads up sit and go.

What if there are people who love poker and like to stake you for the tournament?

You can sell shares on your tournament so you can play the bigger tournament and minimize the risk to go broke with your bankroll. How much shares you wants to sell is up to you. So good luck at your next big tournament!

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